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          Does It Still Make Sense to Release Physical Music in 2020?

          Ah… the roaring 20s. As we begin this new decade, we look forward to the latest trends and shed our skin of the past decade and its soon-to-be-antiquated ways of doing things, right?

          5 Music Industry Trends To Be Aware Of in 2020

          The Argument for Buying Sponsored Posts

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          This article originally appeared on Haulix.


          In the age of social media, access comes with a cost. You can fight and complain, but sometimes, the price is worth the outcome. 

          Anyone promoting music for two years or more will tell you that meaningful reach is increasingly hard to achieve. Regardless of how many followers you have or how many people like your pages and posts, getting updates to your fans is a challenge music professionals struggle with every day. Mailing lists can help cut through the noise, but the likelihood of convincing the vast majority of your audience to sign up for such messaging is low. 

          6 Time-Saving Social Media Content Creation Tips and Tricks

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          No matter what industry you’re in, creating great content takes time, energy, and lots of brain power. Sadly, sometimes having all three of those for long periods of time can feel impossible. Not to worry, these social media content creation hacks will save you time and much needed energy. 

          Tips For Touring In The Winter (Hint: Don't)

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          This article originally appeared on Soundfly. 


          Here is my guide on how to tour in the winter: Don’t.

          Kidding! I actually think that there is nothing wrong with touring in the winter. I’ve done a lot of tours in the winter and if you’re prepared I think it can be just as fun as touring in the summer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers (like sudden weather storms or fans just generally not wanting to leave the comfort of their blanket) that can derail your efforts!

          I’ll outline some of the specific ways you should prepare for a winter tour here to make sure you’ll be all set to get out on the road and make some money this season.